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Yoga is me time

By Maria

All it took, was a leaflet in my letterbox……

Totally You Yoga, has introduced me to a world of control, relaxation and a journey where I am able to leave this current world behind, for a short while.

Yoga is quite new to me. It has taught me to work with my body in order to find resistance, while maintaining the breath, and finding inner peace, i so much deserve.

With today’s fast paced lifestyle and pressures of business, I was searching for something to take me away from that, even if it’s just for, 1 hour a week. Yoga does exactly that, and more.

I have stretched body parts I never imagined were possible. Every class is a rewarding experience, not only mentally, but physically too. I’m noticing a firmer body, and calmer me. I’ve learnt to take the breathing techniques and put them into practise, throughout my day.

Yoga is me time…My precious time.

Thank you TYY


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