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What yoga means to me

Hi to all yoga lovers, I am Sue and have been going to yoga sessions at Totally You Yoga since they opened in September 2018. I am always made to feel very welcome and the room where we do yoga is quiet and calming.

Naomi, Teresa and Andrea, the instructors, are very mindful of their clients and are always encouraging and ensuring that I am not over extended. Their individual attention and guidance is really appreciated. Naomi’s soft lilting accent and quiet appropriate background music really lets me focus on me and yoga. So for that blissful hour all the day to day rat race stuff just disappears. I feel very relaxed at the end of the session, my mind has rested, my body has stretched and I feel some inner peace.

I look forward to the next session to enjoy the movements I know, to learn some new ones and to discover what more my body can do. Thank you Naomi, Andrea and Teresa, as without you I would not have experienced yoga.


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