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What we get asked sometimes:

Do I need to be fit to practice yoga?

If you are not particularly fit, or haven’t practiced yoga before, then we recommend you start with our Beginners’ Class, as this will get you started off with the basics.  Some people choose to remain in the Beginners’ Class and others choose to move on to the open classes, where the yoga is slightly stronger, once they have mastered the basics.


I have an injury.  Can yoga help?

It’s very important that you tell us about any injury when you start practicing yoga with us.  We recommend that you check with your GP first.  We are all responsible for our own bodies and so we encourage you to pay attention to any signs that your body needs to rest, and to avoid poses that cause you any pain.  This message is reinforced at the beginning of each class.


My body isn’t very flexible.  Can I attend Totally You Yoga?

One of the great benefits of yoga is that it will increase your flexibility if you practice regularly.  You are likely to see and feel improvements as time goes by.


I’m embarrassed about not being able to do all the poses.

We want you to feel 100% welcome no matter what your body shape or fitness level.  Yoga is all about you finding peace and confidence in your body. Please join us and know that we want you to be totally yourself with us.  Everybody and every type of body is welcome at Totally You Yoga. We offer variations on the different poses, so there will be options to choose from.  These will range from basic, simple postures, to more complicated poses for when you feel like you might want more of a challenge.


Are the classes just for women?

Men attend classes at Totally You Yoga and are very welcome.  While yoga tends to be popular with women, men can reap all the benefits as well.  


I play a lot of sport.  Is yoga suitable for me?

If you play a lot of sport, your muscle fibres tend to be shorter and less flexible; yoga is very helpful in lengthening the muscle fibres and thus increasing flexibility.  This can help prevent injury.  

Do I need to bring my own mat?

Mats are provided but you are welcome to bring your own yoga mat, pillow slip and towel to the studio if you like.

Do I need to wear special clothes?

We recommend that you wear something comfortable that stretches as you move.  It is a good idea to wear layers, as you will probably warm up in the middle of the class and then cool down during the relaxation at the end of the practice.

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