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At Totally You Yoga, we want you to be able to be totally you. 


We provide a yoga experience that is based on what you hope to achieve, whether that be flexibility, strength, a feeling of calm, or any of the other many benefits that yoga has to offer.  At Totally You Yoga, we aim to support the total you; mind, body and spirit.  We will help you to find your own yoga, whatever it is you need to feel totally you. We endeavour to make you feel comfortable, exactly as you are, and to support you as you work towards your health goals. 

We offer a yoga practice you can make totally your own. We are not just for the fit and fabulous; everyone is welcome to Totally You Yoga and we encourage you to come along and find what yoga means to you. We offer a sanctuary in which you can escape the frenetic rush of a busy life, where the focus is totally you. 

If you are feeling tired, overworked or overwhelmed, yoga can help with these feelings.  The purpose of practising yoga is to ‘calm the fluctuations of the mind’.  Apart from being a great tool to deal with stress, some other benefits that people practising yoga experience are:

  • a greater sense of well-being

  • reduced anxiety/stress

  • increased feelings of relaxation 

  • increased self-confidence and body image

  • improved efficiency, better interpersonal relationships

  • increased attentiveness 

  • reduced irritability 

  • a more optimistic outlook on life

  • increased health benefits, including lower blood pressure, relief from chronic back, shoulder and neck pain, building bone strength 

So, whether you are a total beginner, an experienced yoga practitioner, dealing with anxiety, or just a little curious to see what yoga’s all about, we would like you to join us so that we can help you to tap into your own resources to feel calm, flexible and fit.

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