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The best days of the week

By Cathy

In the midst of tumultuous days with never-ending deadlines and demands lies yoga - the eye of the cyclone. Here, my body and mind meet in harmony and find harbour from all that desiccates our very being.

The classes are wonderful. Coming to yoga late in life and searching for some exercise and inner peace, I have been delighted with the classes. I have never felt judged or pushed to go beyond my capabilities. The team is warm and welcoming, and I feel a part of the Totally You Yoga family.

During each session, I feel like it is only myself and the instructor in the room. The rest of the class or the outside world are not in my mind. I find myself relaxing and achieving more. By the end I feel recharged and empowered to face all that life can throw at me.

My yoga days are the best days of the week.


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