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It's fantastic!

By Sandra

I’m so grateful I found Totally You Yoga!

For some time now, I’ve had issues with my lower back—nothing major, but probably the result of sitting for long periods of time working at a computer screen. Plus, I'm just getting older! 

My yoga journey started on mother’s day this year, when my daughter gave me a surprise day of relaxation at a yoga retreat south of Sydney. I loved it and started looking for yoga classes closer to home.

Thanks to Google, I found Naomi, Andrea and Teresa, the wonderful teachers at Totally You Yoga. My back has never been better and I look forward to attending classes as often as I can. Apart from the obvious physical improvements to my body, my general sense of well-being and peacefulness has also improved.

I would recommend yoga to anyone, male or female, of any age. It’s fantastic!


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