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Finding peace with my body

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

By Daniel

Yoga started as a war for me.  A war to regain millimetre by millimetre “ground” that had been lost to the enemies age, stiffness, tightness and pain.

To recover the suppleness of those muscles and joints that had either seized up or shortened due to too many years behind a computer, I signed-on for things I’d never tried before: deep breathing exercises and contorting my body in ways that still shock the system.

I’m almost into the third month of my yoga journey, but the concept of it being a “war” changed after my first session at Totally You Yoga because it became obvious the only way to find peace with my body – especially after 30-years of ‘flexibility neglect’  - is to surrender to the moment, the movement, to patience and acceptance. I am certain these will be loyal allies as I seek to recover the lost millimetres that’ll allow me to one day move without feeling like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.  

It’s been enlightening to treat each class as a lesson because I’ve found that mindset allows your body and mind to determine what you’ll learn. One day it might be a physical awakening, the next spiritual or emotional. These wonderful insights continue to surprise me because I once measured health and wellbeing to the intensity – and sweat – of a tough workout.

While I still enjoy that form of training, I’ve happily embraced the wholeness of yoga. While it is special to listen to what your body and mind tells you, I’ve also found the messages from the instructors Naomi and Andrea a source of illumination. For instance, their simple message at the end of each class for us use our words as vehicles for compassion and to open our hearts to kindness are powerful ideas to share in our everyday existence.

Yoga may have started as a war for me, but I’m grateful after only three months I consider it a source of peace.


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