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Hi, I am Alison 

It is important to me to create a space where students feel comfortable and safe to explore their own practice. My teaching style is calm, relaxed and balanced, no matter what type of class I teach.

For me personally and from my experience as teacher a regular yoga practice is a great tool for good health and well-being. It covers everything (physical, mental, emotional) and is just a great way to help you get through life.

Hi, I am Tracy

After teaching music to many children over many years I came to yoga in my 50’s .

As you can imagine teaching music requires a lot of patience and is very noisy so I was looking for a bit of calm amid the chaos. Yoga is my safe place where I can settle my mind and feel stretched and energised. After a good yoga class I always have a little bounce in my step.

I try to bring a sense of fun to my yoga classes, taking my yoga seriously but not myself.

Hopefully you can join me on Thursday evenings for the all levels class.

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