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Next Beginners Course starts Monday, 24th of June.

No classes on Monday,10th of June

Meet like-minded people sharing the practice of yoga together in a kind, inclusive and respectful environment.

We strive to provide safe, enjoyable and inspirational yoga to the local community where everybody feels valued and welcome.

New in 2024: Join our Beginners 4 Week Course to learn the fundamentals of yoga and build your confidence with basic poses and breathing techniques.

To join a class, book yourself in as usual via the booking system.

New to Totally You Yoga?
Try us with our 4-week Intro pass for $79.
Memberships with unlimited classes for $430.
You can purchase all passes using our booking system.


We offer a range of classes, so whether you are just starting your yoga journey or you have an established practice, we can help you towards your goals.


Come and join one of our many classes .
We can't wait to meet you.


Nestled in the heart of Concord, Totally You Yoga classes will be held in the Concord Memorial Hall, 138 Majors Bay Road.



Yoga is more than just the poses. The aim is to bring balance to your life by calming your mind.
Curious to know more what yoga is all about?
Look no further.


Am I fit enough? Is it only for women? What clothes to wear and what to bring? What if I have an injury?

No worries, we will be there for you on your yoga journey.


It's all about you - so tell us what brings you to the mat. What would you like to see and experience? Share your goals with us and we'll help you to get there.

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