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5 Reasons why you should practise restorative yoga

Do you want to balance your fast-paced life style? Then restorative yoga might be just for you. Your body and your mind have to move, act and react quickly during your daily life regardless what you do; and there is hardly any time for a rest.

How often do you actually take a break for 30 minutes during your day, not doing anything, slowing down, “de-speed”? Being constantly under pressure and racing through the day can actually overstimulate your sympathetic nervous system. This than can lead to an increased heart rate and blood pressure, to feeling tired and overwhelmed. It can also affect your immune system and you might get sick more often.While practising restorative yoga you will centre your breath and body-mind, realigning your physical and mental activities by being in stillness or doing some gentle postures for an extended period of time.

Deep stretches

The use of props such as bolster, blankets and blocks will support you to get deeper into your stretch without any hard work. Your body will engage easily and soften down while holding the posture for a while.

Improved flexibility by releasing tension

Yoga is not about being able to touch your toes, but to release pressure and tightness by staying in the pose and exploring your body and where you might hold some tension. The “letting go” occurs by focusing and concentrating on your breath and body-mind. Which also leads to

Better concentration

Staying focused on one thing is quite often a challenge, but with regular practise you will find it easier to do. This is also a great tool during your everyday life when trying to multitask.

Balanced nervous system

Being centred and focused on your body-mind-breath will stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for slowing down, relaxing and recuperating. Thus, your stress response will be reduced and your positive emotional feelings will be increased. And therefore you will find your

Immune system will improve

As we are all different so is everyone’s experience. So, to feel the benefits fully yourself, come and have a go!


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